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Navigation Code Wizard

Thanks for clicking. This page is designed to actively and intelligently assist you in getting your WebRing navigataion code properly installed on your web site.

Here is the Site information being investigated:
WebRing User ID: dave_simpson
Ring: any
Site: any
U#: defurl
Registered URL: http://bigsimpsonartworkswaterc.homestead.com/home.html
URL tested: http://bigsimpsonartworkswaterc.homestead.com/home.html

This web site does not appear to have valid navigation code on it. Here is more information:

The system cannot find any valid WebRing navigation code for this Ring on the URL examined: http://bigsimpsonartworkswaterc.homestead.com/home.html. If you have verified that you do indeed have code on http://bigsimpsonartworkswaterc.homestead.com/home.html and not some URL other than http://bigsimpsonartworkswaterc.homestead.com/home.html then please contact support and let us know, because it could be a page the checker cannot properly read. REALLY make sure, however, that your code is on http://bigsimpsonartworkswaterc.homestead.com/home.html and not some other URL on your site. This progam and the checker can only check ONE URL, not an entire site, for code. We'll look into it and determine what to do because if the checker cannot access your site then your RingMaster must be made aware that your site will have to be checked manually.

If you have not yet placed any code on any page then here is the SSNB code for this URL:

You can cut this from this screen, paste it onto the registered URL, save the page and then click Navigation Wizard to refresh this page. Note: If you wish (or need) to use the HTML version of this navigation code you can get it here. As with the SSNB code, cut it, paste it onto your page, save your page and then click Navigation Wizard to refresh this page.

If your navigation code IS on some other URL than the one registered please do NOT request a "manual" review from support. It's simply in the wrong place and we'll tell you exactly that. You must either:

  • Move the code to the registered URL (we hope that this is where the content for the site is and not just a links page).
  • OR, change the registered URL to match where the codes is (again, we hope that this is where the content for the site is and not just a links page). If you choose this option be sure to use the Edit SSNB Stack Settings link from your View Web Sites page (off of the My Rings page) as this will allow you to change the URL without affecting the code required.

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