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Way do I paint?
I feel my body closing in around me each day.  This becomes my last act of self expression, so I put my heart and soul in each painting.

"Dave's Vision is strong and Original" Isabelle Coeart
Director Lanning Gallery
"It's great work!"  Robyne Robinson
Owner Hatland Gallery
"Dave has a good eye and a natural artist, Sensibility!"
Owner Dement Gallery

The Process
I began experimenting with a lot of different photo and paint programs.  After 17 months I finally found the effect I was looking for.  Simply put I take the following steps.

Step 1 Load digital photo or scan photo into my personal          computer

Step 2 Manipulate photo using 2 photo programs.

Step 3 Us one paint program to Flood the photo with 36 million pixels.

Step 4 Use another paint program I painstaking paint over the photo, using the computer mouse as my brush.

I can choose any medium, any color, choice of canvas, control of the brush size, presure, valley and more. 
Truly one of a kind art !

Dave's Bio
I'm retired from the Genesee County Sheriff's Department after a twenty-year career in law enforcement.  In August 1997 I was diagnosed with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  Not content to sit around waiting to meet my Maker, I turned to my art to occupy my time.  For years I drew with charcoal or soft pastels, giving away my work or just storing them.  Most of my training was at the Flint Schools and the  Institute of Art both in Flint, Michigan with additional training in Ohio and Georgia.  My hands were the first to go.  I still tried to draw, but it took a tremendous amount of energy and I didn't like the end result.  With the desire to express myself I turned to digital photography, With help from my neighbor, he made a mount that holds my camera tripod on my wheelchair.  I have 2 [BFO's} Balance Forearm Orthotics that helps me move my arms and hands.  Photography was fun, shooting two or three shots then choosing just the right one.  My inter creativity desired more than just shooting pictures.  I began to experiment with different paint and photo programs.  I finally found what I was looking for!

Full time resident of Flint, Michigan.
Summers at the lake in Petoskey, Michigan.

Guilds & Counsels

Michigan Guild of Artists & Artisans
Greater Flint Arts Counsel
Disabled Artists Network
Shiawassee Arts Counsel

Flint Community SchoolsK-12
Flint Institute of ArtFlint, Michigan
C.S. Mott Community CollegeFlint, Michigan
Associates Degree in Community Education
Columbus CollegeColumbus, Georgia
BS in EducationRecreation & Community Education
Washtenaw Community College
Michigan Police Officer Training

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Dave Simpson 1990  On the shore of Lake Michigan sketching the lighthouse in Holland.